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    Hi there.

    I wasn’t really active with my website for the last couple of months cause I didn’t have to, considering it works on its own usually. I intended to change the copyright and some content and accidentally clicked the update button when logging in…
    Graphene 2.0 completely messed up my website. I managed to fix most of the things except the font size for most sites. For future updates, please try to keep the visual look at least or tell people how to get back to it easily instead of just completely messing up hundreds (thousands?) of websites at once.
    I got the font I used to use before graphene 2.0 back, but I cannot figure out how to change the size it seems. Additional CSS doesn’t seem to care about the font size, cause there is no change to it no matter what size I type. Is there a way to change font size site by site? Or is it just a given for the whole website? I’m interested in how a website works but I cannot really be bothered to learn how to actually add code to it to make it work as intended. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Graphene Theme. But I’m also no programmer and would like to be able to create a website to my liking rather easy. It seems not to be the case with the new Graphene Theme. If there is an easy way to change font sizes site by site, I’m all ears. If there is not, I’m out to find a more customer friendly tool to create websites. The site is: if that is of any use.
    Thanks for your reply


    Syahir Hakim


    Looks like you are using <h4> for all the content on your site, which is why you’re not seeing an effect on the content text when you tried to change the font size. <h1> to <h6> should be used only for headings and not for normal paragraph text.


    Thanks for your reply Syahir Hakim. You might have noticed I was definitely not happy when posting my question. The way I posted was not okay, though I must admit the content still stands. You were right with the h4. I probably used it to make it look big enough with the font I had back then. While I’m trying to make the site a bit more seo-friendly after two years of no work I still cannot figure some things out with graphene 2.2 that used to be either easier back then or I just don’t remember.
    Where or how do I add the Google font I used before the update? It seems the <head> changes only actually change the head-font. Additional CSS also doesn’t change anything. Will I have to change the font in the font-folder of the theme or can I do something to overwrite the used font within my child-theme? Stylesheet of the graphene-theme says “lato” at the moment. Please tell me where to add fonts I intend to use for the website and how to activate them. It’s taking me days already due to not really knowing what I’m actually doing (I even changed the contact form plugin because I couldn’t figure out the new wordpress jquery stuff)
    Thanks in advance


    All right. It seems you guys have enough at hands considering the forum posts. I figured out how to properly get the font to work again and will eventually figure out the rest of the issues I still have since the Graphene-update happened or switch to another theme altogether if not (already wasted two weeks learning css stuff again).
    If someone has similar problems: For some reason, adding the font-link into the header didn’t do it for me. Custom CSS had no effect either. I added the code below to my child-theme’s functions-file and defined the bodys font in it’s stylesheet. You have to change the wanted font link you get when checking the google fonts website yourself though.

    function wpb_add_google_fonts() {
     wp_enqueue_style( 'wpb-google-fonts', '', false ); 
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wpb_add_google_fonts' );

    You can close the post or mark it as solved. Don’t know if or how I can do that myself

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