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    I changed the font in the header, but it only changed on the home page all the other pages and posts are the original font. Do I have to change the font on every page and post or is there an easier way to do this? My webpage is



    Where are you pulling that font from, and how did you implement it? Is it a google font?

    How did you incorporate it into your header?



    No I have the “Font” plugin and I went to Apperance -> Fonts and select Page Title, then highlighted “Backcountry Fitness” and picked a font from the plugin…



    What’s the url of the plugin? I’d have to check the code and see how it’s applying the font…

    Is there in option in the plugin settings to apply it to different pages?



    Plugin URL =

    Yes, it says select Page Title or Post Headers. I selected Page Title and that is how I changed the Home Page, but I cant change the other pages or posts…



    I’m not too familiar with the plugin, but you would do better choosing one of the web-safe fonts and making the adjustment in your graphene options.

    graphene options -> display -> text style options

    You can change the ‘Title text style’ and the ‘Description text style’.

    Or, you can add a call to a google font in your child theme style.css file. And then enter the name in your text style box.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is because the site title and site description are H1 and H2 on the front page, and H2 and H3 everywhere else.

    Your best bet in these cases is to just use Photoshop or GIMP to create a header image with that text in place already, because you can apply a bit of anti-aliasing to the text and make it look a bit better. But as Josh pointed out, Graphene does provide a way to do this if you don’t want to use an image editor.



    How do I add the google font to the child theme?



    I’ll be happy to explain… but I’m liking Ken’s suggestion better. This is what I did with my site and complete forgot about the option.

    Do you understand what he was suggesting? You can create your header image in photoshop (or its equivalent), and just add a text box (in photoshop) to the header, and customize the text box. Plus you can add all kinds of effects like shadows, highlights, embossing, and so on.

    Then, just upload the header, and it will be the same on all pages.

    Soooo, I’ll still explain the google fonts thing if you want to go that route… but Ken’s suggestion would result in better stability, and faster loading times.



    I’ll create the header image in photoshop… thanks!

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