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  • Toomay


    Hi guys,

    my site is

    I wan the whole site to use VERDANA as the font family. Any ideas how that can be done? I tried the Graphene Display text option but it only changed it partially.

    Any suggestions are much appreciated

    Cheers Toomay


    Kenneth John Odle


    it only changed it partially.

    Which parts didn’t change? You’re quite right that the Graphene options won’t change everything, you need to know a few CSS tricks to get everything switched over. I will probably make a list of this, but I am waiting for the new version (1.6).

    Are you using a child theme? Do you know about Graphene’s custom CSS feature?



    Yes I have a child theme in place.

    I know about the custom feature but I am not exactly a genius in CSS :/

    I have the basic understanding how it al lworks but no programmin insights.

    he things that didnot change are the blog posts. Text inside some widgets. Text in my FAQs.

    Is it realy so complicated to change all those fonts? 🙂

    Cheers Toomay

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