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  • sunmoon


    I keep on trying to put a custom font family into the theme options, but it doesn’t appear to chang any of the fonts.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,


    Kenneth John Odle


    How are you trying to do this? You can put code between backticks (just under the “~” key on the upper left-hand corner of your keyboard).




    Thanks for the quick response.

    So I went to Appearance > Graphene Options > Display (tab)

    Under the Text style options.

    I changed the Header Text font = Webdings, sans-serif.

    I created a test page and set Header Text, Description Text and content text all to webdings. This way it was really obvious what what happening.

    I created a test fonts page that had H1, H2, H3 and some content text.

    Then I cleared my cache, opened a new browser session.

    What I found is that my site changed into Webdings for the basic content but not anything else.

    What I’m really trying to modify is the Title. The font of the title at the top of each page that links back to that permalink for the page.

    I would really like to do it in the display options since this is easy to change.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I would really like to do it in the display options since this is easy to change.

    Actually, you’ll want to do this with custom css. It’s the only way. But it’s also easy.

    Add this to your custom CSS in Graphene options:

    .post-title a,
    .post-title a:visited,
    .entry-title a,
    .entry-title a:visited
    {style info;}

    Kenneth John Odle


    BTW, I like your idea of using Webdings to test this out. I sometimes use a weird color or a huge size (100px) to test things out, so it’s really obvious if it’s working or not. Kudos.




    Thanks that works perfect!

    BTW, I found a pretty cool font test that I’d like to share – It has the code, so it’s easy to find what your looking for. the sample is nice too.

    Also, this is a very easy to use theme. I have another wordpress site i’m working on too. We’re using a different theme for that. It’s not nearly as user friend or as robust.

    Thanks for all your efforts!

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