Font-face and web fonts issue

  • 007me


    Ok, cause what you’ve recommended still didn’t fix the problem. I can’t tell what causing it, as on my other 2 test blogs it works fine.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m at the library right now and its filter is blocking both your sites so i can’t take a look. Do you have any plugins that might be an issue?




    this is a great question.

    Here’s the list of my plugins, maybe you can tell from your experience?





    Holy Moly @007me,

    That is a LOT of plugins. I try to urge all my “people” to keep it under 15 to 20 plugins tops. The more plugins you install and use, the more of a chance you have for incompatibilities and inconsistencies.

    With that being said.. .it’s really hard for me to determine your font issue because of the language on your site. If you wouldn’t mind creating a test post, in English, were I can better troubleshoot this issue… I’ll be happy to help.

    One on each site would be most helpful. Then, I can see how it looks when it is supposed to work properly.





    I’ve created at test post here: were the font-face doesn’t work and also here were the font face is working.

    I reduced the list of plugins and you can see them here:

    So you can compare between and maybe it will help you to help me 🙂





    Josh, Kenneth,

    Any recommendation on what can be the problem?



    Ok, just noticed that the font-face works on Chrome but not on IE and FF.



    And… in addition I fount out that any lightbox that I try to enable doesn’t work with Graphene but works with twenty thirteen.

    Now I installed “simple lightbox” but it doesn’t work.

    I believe I have plugins conflict somewhere.

    can you please assist?



    Ok, dropping this off.

    Will open a new one

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