"floating social bar" doesn't work properly

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    today i installed “floating social bar” plugin >> http://www.wordpress.org/plugins/floating-social-bar/

    the plugin share buttons show up in post ( above contents ) , but it doesn’t floating , and doesn’t show ” like count “

    i disabled plugins one by one , but still malfunction…


    from Syed balkhi ( plugin’s author ) :

    Why is the share bar not floating?

    If you can see the share bar on your site, but it is not floating then 99% of the time it is a conflict with another plugin or your theme.

    i switched to another theme ( suffusion ) with all plugins enabled , to check the plugin floating functionality , the plugin worked properly with suffusion ,

    i don’t know whats the problem and how can i solve it .

    please help .

    my website: http://www.tutorial-ebook.com


    Kenneth John Odle


    When I look here:


    I see something that looks exactly like the last picture here:


    I also see that it has one like.

    Try refreshing your browser and server caches, maybe?



    Thanks Kenneth for reply

    refreshed browser and server cache many times , and also checked many pages ,

    just in few pages , i can see “liked count” but in 99% pages i see only shared buttons .

    and the other problem : the share bar is not floating , it’s statis. it must be the same as WPbeginner.com social bar , because they are using the same plugin ( maybe modified ) .

    pls check it , they are using “floating social bar ” : http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-add-a-floating-social-share-bar-in-wordpress/

    you can see how the plugin is floating when you scroll down the page .


    i think something is wrong with using jQuery in the Graphene , but i’m not a coder and can’t find it .

    hope your experience can help me .



    i forgot to mention , after i installed ” floating social bar” plugin , the wordpress admin bar disappeared from top of home page and post pages ,

    but it still is shown in top of wordpress dashboard .

    seems there is a conflict




    The problem is in jquery. For some reason there is no plugin required script attached in wp_footer. That plugin is used to change the css of “floating” div when scrolled down from position:relative to position:fixed.

    I’m using this plugin on my test site with no problem. Try to reinstall theme, or(and) reinstall plugin.



    thanks Luko

    i added <?php wp_footer(); ?> before </body> in footer.php.

    and now everything is OK .

    once again thanks for your help.

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