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  • zmokin


    Hi all,

    I can’t figure out why my pages are flashing white when switching between menu items. I’m using a child-theme with no real css changes.

    I don’t remember this happening with some of my other sites.

    I’ve found a few posts on the net, but none seem to have a real answer solution.

    Very annoying to me – let alone client.

    Any help is appreciated.

    URL: http://lb.ocdems.net/




    Something that might help figure this out.

    Using Firefox, I disabled scripts on the site via No Script and the screen does not flash from menu to menu.

    I don’t know enough about this, but will do more research.

    Maybe someone has an idea for me to try?




    Deactivated all plugins and site seems to run normal with ‘maybe’ a little flash.

    However, as I activate more plugins, the flashing takes longer.

    Not sure if it is the way Graphene is loading plugins, whether it’s WP’s fault or what, but I haven’t had this issue with other templates so I’m leaning towards Graphene being the problem.

    I’ve used Graphene for a lot of websites and I can’t tell clients now to disable plugins until they are happy with the amount of flashing between pages.

    I’d hate to have to move to another template system as this one is so flexible and easy for clients to work with.

    I’ll keep researching but I’m not an expert on the underlying code so hopefully one of the developers can help.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It could be a single plugin causing this, or it could be a combination of two that are causing this.

    It could be related to the size of your background image, as well, or how you are manipulating it with CSS. (Try swapping out just a color instead of an image for a background to see if it still happens.)

    However, as I activate more plugins, the flashing takes longer.

    It could also be the way a caching plugin is set up.



    I now have no background image and no plugins activated – it still flashes between menus.

    Not ‘too’ noticeable in Firefox, more so in Chrome and really bad in IE.

    Going to try a fresh install, if it persists, I guess i need to move on. 🙁



    I’ve now done a fresh install of WP and Graphene and still have the flashing. No plugins (other than Akismet) are installed/activated.

    My background image is down to 230kb which is pretty small, but even without the bg image it still flashes really badly in Chrome and IE.

    I dunno what to do anymore but to look for another theme which is a shame as I have been using this for a long time.

    I hope someone can figure this out for the future.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t think it’s a theme issue, because more of us would see it. This is something really weird.

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