fixed widget when scrolling down the page?

  • lalamums


    Hello 🙂

    I would like to know how you can make a widget that is scrolling down when you do.. when you reach a certain position on the page..

    Hope you understand, for an example.. Textwidget with adsense, that follows the page when you scroll down.

    Could anybody help with this or give me some link for tutorial? 🙂

    Thank u! You guys are awesome


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use position:fixed in the css for that particular widget. This will help:



    Hm.. when i add position:fixed to that widget in the css… it disappears :S

    Are you sure that you understand what i want to do?

    When you come to a certain px of my site where the widget is starting… And you scroll down the page, the widget follows with the page in the sidebar down to the footer…

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