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    Just updated to newest version and now when I log into my website I am working on it offsets the fixed menu in my header. This wasn’t happening with the past version, and it occurs when logging in under any account such as admin or user. In IE9, Chrome, and Mozilla the menu sits properly when not logged in; however as soon as an account is logged into the menu offsets up and covers part of the header image. In Opera it is the opposite, in that it sits proper when an account is logged in; however, upon logging out that menu offsets down a bit and leaves a gap between the header image and the menu. Any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks for your time, much appreciate any help you can provide.

    The website is Feel free to setup an account to test out what I mean. Let me know if you have any questions.



    No luck on a solution yet? Or was this behavior observed on anybody else’s computer? Thanks again for any assistance. 🙂



    Just checking in to see if any responses. Any idea if this is something that would be theme related or WordPress related? I updated both last night, which is when the problem began.



    Still nothing? Haven’t gotten a solution on forums either. Is it a pain or possible to revert back to the old version if a solution for this cannot be found?



    Just figured out the issue, now to solve it. It wasn’t that the fixed navigation menu was moving… it was the fact that everthing else on the page moves when the wordpress admin bar at the top of the page is displayed! Now to figure out a work around. 🙂



    Fixed. I’m all good now. 🙂

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