Firefox / IE: 1px difference in height

  • TheGent


    I can’t make out where the difference is; I have specified the exact height on content, sidebar, post and entry etc. But somehow on IE there is 1 (!) pixel height difference! Firefox shows the exact length, but on IE the content part has 1 pixel more height.

    Any idea what that may be caused by?


    Kenneth John Odle


    First, IE always displays things differently than real browsers, hence the need for IE hacks. (Try googling “IE hacks” to see what I mean.) This theme, for the most part, shows up beautifully for me in all browsers.

    Second, please include a link to the page in question, as per the forum rules, so we can see what is happening.




    don’t really know the differences are, but i like to use Firefox now,i do think it is much more convenient then IE browser!




    Thank you for trying to help, Kenneth. I tried my best, but now there even more pixels different. Please be so kind and look at the site:

    In Firefox 4, it looks exactly like I wanted it to look, bubt in IE9 it somehow has mismatching bottom lines.

    I read somewhere that it might be because of different margins. Can someone please help, I’ll donate for a help.


    I also use only FF4, but the site should be shown similar in all browsers …


    Syahir Hakim

    #14637’s difficult to figure out the reason right off the bat when you have that much customisation….



    You know your theme so well, maybe you can look once again?

    From what I’ve read about CSS IE Hacks, it might have to be double or empty margins and paddings , please take a look only on content / content main / post and their clearfixes (lower right area), somewhere must be a double margin (with validation zero?) that can’t be handled equally by Firefox AND InternetExplorer …

    Thank you for trying to help …

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