Firebug: Essential for CSSing WordPress

  • Anonymous


    Two-minute tour of the features that make Firebug indispensable:

    Go get it:




    Right now Im using: Firefox 4.01 & Firebug 1.7.2



    Kenneth John Odle


    Firebug makes it very, very, very easy to find out exactly what elements you are working with. I do a lot of custom CSS and without Firebug I would have to do a lot more guesswork and spend a lot more time. I highly recommend that anyone interested in altering the theme download Firebug (it’s free) and spend a few minutes learning to use it. The learning curve is very gently, believe me.

    If you use Google Chrome, it has a similar feature already built it. Go to Tools >> Developer Tools, and something similar to Firebug will appear.

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