File folders blank at back end

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    When I try to look at the theme files under editor at the backend of word press, the content appears for a split second and then is gone. I have also had problems with post content dissapering, even after editing and replacing the content, after updating the post content is gone again. Title is there, tags, catorgory etc, just no post.

    Can anyone help please?



    Some hosts like doesn’t allow to edit theme or plugin files within wordpress admin. You’ve to login to your host and edit files there. (Try to open files using a FTP client or through control panel)

    That’s a serious problem if everything vanishes after posting or updating content. This could be caused by a plugin. So, disable all plugins and try again.

    Scan your PC and your host for viruses.



    Not all post vanish just some. I have already tried disableing plugins, also scanned pc.

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