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  • matugm



    I just started using your Frank Josef theme for my blog, and I love it but I tried ‘fetch as gogle’ from the google webmaster tools and this is what I get: QIC63hr.png

    However it looks right on my browser (both chrome and firefox), even with the mobile device mode enabled. Not sure what’s going on with this, any suggestions?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You’re running a minify plugin. Try turning it off and then running the test again.

    (Your site looks fine in both my Android devices, btw.)



    Hey, thanks for the quick answer. I tried your suggestion but it didn’t seem to help.

    To try to isolate the problem I took the HTML of the page and put it in a jsbin here: http://output.jsbin.com/wuvaguxufu/. Then I took out as much code as I could without breaking it and ran the google test again using page speed. The issue seems to be still present:



    Syahir Hakim


    This is related to how Google crawler renders CSS3 Flexbox, which isn’t the same as most browsers. We’ll fix this in the next update, but in the mean time it doesn’t really affect how Google “see” your site in terms of search results. It still passes the mobile usability test, and your visitors will still see the page as its intended design.

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