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  • pgorski



    I created a company website using the theme. This was first time I used wordpress for building a website.

    Please let me know what you think.





    Very nice. Love the way you used the slider and footer.



    Wow! Fantastic job! Interested in sharing/selling your customized template?

    Prasanna SP


    Wow!! Fantastic! Can’t believe that it is based on Graphene theme! I confirmed that you’re using Graphene theme by looking at the source of header image.. 😉


    Kenneth John Odle



    That was my first thought, too: this isn’t Graphene. I had to check the source, too. It just goes to show how flexible this fantastic theme is.

    Kudos to you, pgorski



    Thanks for kind words.

    I wish I can share/sell unfortunately it is corporate thing.

    This theme made my life so much easier and made it so much better to code. I tried different theme but they were not every flexible.

    Thanks for releasing such a awesome theme.




    Very nice website, I guess it demands a lot of work :).

    Ijeoma Obiagwu


    i love ds, dear. can i hire you? *winks*



    Great site! I wish you could share some of your secrets. You did a great job!



    I like to thank everyone that visited the site and for all feedback. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’m willing to share.





    Yes, that is definitely pretty amazing. Some very talented work there!!

    One suggestion, I browsed around for a few minutes.. and the only thing I was expecting, that didn’t happen, was a hover affect on those bottom three “bubbles” on your home page.

    The closer I looked, I noticed only the text is clickable, and not the whole bubble. I might make the entire area clickable, and add a hover affect… even just a simple color change.

    Excellent work!! That definitely took some time.

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