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    Hi guys,

    I’m looking for some constructive criticism on my new site. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!





    Personally, I didnt like the design of the menu. Thinking about the submenu, I could maybe imagine it blue or something. Doesnt match rest of your colors :p



    Thanks for the comment.

    I completely agree with you, but after a few hours of trying – I gave up on that!

    Unless you know how I could achieve this?



    Decrease the top bar height to around 45px, so that it almost blends with the tiny header image!



    Is core only for men?

    Maybe you can also take photos of women!



    I like the dark background – really makes things ‘pop’.

    I agree about gender you are trying to target, good if only for men.



    Your site looks great, good job. I have a question. How did you get the Breadcrumb there?



    Question and comment…Comment first…the breadcumb will say workouts but the link I actually clicked was train so the site can be confusing with the menus and drop downs that dont sync. Question is how did you make a featured blog spot. Or how can I make it so my blog on my page doesn’t show every post that ever existed. I like the categories to come up…example is my site but when I click on blogs it shows everything.



    Sorry about taking so long to reply. Thanks for all of your ideas.

    @Prasanna – I tried changing the top bar height to 45px, but I didn’t like it.

    @Cindydenkt – This target audience of this site are mostly male, hence the male theme. A sister site for females could be a future project though.

    @Aguanile – The breadcrumbs are quite simple to implement. Its a plugin called Breadcrumb NavXT. Give me a shout if you have any problems using it.



    How did you get the slider to display like that? That is what I’ve been trying to do!

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