Featured images in slider show only too-small thumbnails or no image (since 1.6 update)

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    I’m using the thumbnail and excerpt option (with featured images) for my slider. In my pre-upgrade site (litquake.org), I had moderately sized thumbnails (150px high). Since I upgraded to 1.6, my slider either [1]shows very small thumbnails (50px high)or [2]if I choose a Featured Image that is larger, no image at all. (You can see these at, with case [1] in the first and second sliders and case [2] in the remaining sliders.)

    I have re-generated my thumbnails with a height of 150px, but they still display at 50px.







    Thanks for the idea, but I tried it and it didn’t help. I don’t think the problem is in the thumnbnails themselves: when I right-click to view the image and then download it, it is the correct size (150px high). Also went into cPanel file manager,located and downloaded the file at the path shown by right-clicking the thumbnail. It also is 150px high.

    Is there somewhere in the CSS or Graphene options that could be setting thumbnail height? I have checked my WordPress media settings and NextGEN gallery settings; they all show thumbnails as 0x150 (widthxheight).




    Working now. Apparently, the Featured Images for the slider posts had to be reloaded from within the post editor before they would pick up the newly generated thumbnails.

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