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    on my blog site my posts show me no featured images since this evening. When i click at some category link, i see my featured images. But not at my direct blog site.

    Until this evening the featured images of my blog site are working fine.

    This evening, i installed a new plugin “Cool Tag Cloud”. Everything are ok, i edit this plugin into the option menu of it. After some site renews, i noticed the not showing featured images.

    Then, i disabled and deleted this plugin in, but the featured images are on my blog site gone. Only at the category sites.

    Can somebody help me?

    My Website link: http://www.bit-pixel.de




    Sorry, i am stupid??

    I installed the theme GRAPHENE at other WordPress sites of me and there is no featured images at my blog post site too.

    This has always been so?? I have different memories.

    Sorry for my bad english 😉

    About feedback I would be happy.




    Ok, i got it.

    I have to activate in the Graphene Options under Display: Zeige Textauszüge auf der Startseite.

    Now, i have featured Images 🙂


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