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  • bsacue



    Ive been messing about with this beautiful theme and made some test posts but after the update 1.7 all my posts now have a super sized image when before they was just a nice size. any ideas how to fix this please

    I found the check box to disable last post super sized so fixed that bit.




    Syahir Hakim


    In 1.7, the featured image fills up the width of the post. The featured images on the site you linked to seems to have a small, square size. Therefore, when it fills up the width of the post, it looks blurry and large (because of the near square dimension).

    Try using another image with a width of at least 850 pixels.



    Thanks for the reply Syahir, are you saying every image from now on needs to be 850 px? before the update the image was fine isn’t there a option to change this please?



    Syahir Hakim


    Well, the simplest way to revert to what it was before is to add this code in the theme’s Custom CSS option:

    .hentry .featured-image img {
    width: auto;



    brilliant thank you very much

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