Featured Image Showing on Post Headers but not Page Headers

  • JenReginald


    I made a different header banner to show on my Blog page and posts. It’s showing up on post pages (see my first post), but not on pages. I checked all the things I’ve seen as solutions on other forum topics, and I don’t think they’re the problem. Please help! Thanks a lot.



    Sorry, my website is http://www.jenreginald.com


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support.



    Thanks, but I thought this was support. Where is it now?


    Syahir Hakim


    What Ken meant was that you posted in the “General Talk” section, whereas issues such as yours should be posted in the “Support” section. When you create a new topic, there’s a dropdown that allows you to select which section should your topic belong to. In a public forum such as this, proper organisation is important.

    As for your issue, can you point us to the page where the different header image is not showing up? Have you also made sure that the dimension of the image used for the featured image of that page is equal to or greater than the dimension of the header image?



    Thank you to both, and sorry about placing it in the wrong section. The header image is the exact same image (right dimensions) that I use for the blog posts, so not sure why it’s not doing it with the pages.

    Blog page that I want it to display on: http://jenreginald.com/blog

    It displays fine on the individual posts, like this one: http://jenreginald.com/marketing-your-business-through-email

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


    Syahir Hakim


    Oh, that is your posts listing page. WordPress uses the page you assigned for the posts listing page simply as a placeholder – it ignores any content or settings for that page. That is why the featured image for that page is not being displayed as the header image.



    Ok, thanks. I didn’t realize that. As a workaround, I made the blog header the main header and made the other pages display the featured image (original header I had set it up with).

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