featured image problem after updating 2.8.3

  • Cinodrago


    Hi thanks for graphene, good theme!
    After the last updating 2.8.3 I have a big problem about excerpt images. All disappear on homepage but I found the solution in post-elements setting : I removed the setting ” Hide featured image”.
    Now it works for homepage but big problem : on single post I have now the featured image. I don’t want it because often I found 2 images (the image that I published in the post and, on the top, the featured image).
    I don’t find a solution in graphene setting but I find a solution by miself usig css `.featured-image {
    display: none;}`
    It works but I’d like to find it in settings and not using css.

    Where is the setting option about featured image in post ? Help me please…


    Syahir Hakim


    There is currently a bug in featured image handling on homepage. This will be fixed in the next theme update coming soon.



    I was just here to inquire myself but it seems to be fixed with the last update



    The feature image problem went away (yay) but it seems to have come back, at least on my page. What’s weird is that all entries I did a few weeks ago are fine, but everything I’ve added in the last couple of weeks isn’t showing up correctly. And by that I mean the featured image is showing in the wrong size making new posts look terrible.

    I’m using a child-theme, as recommended, and you can see the problem here: https://luminaris.com/wp/

    Thanks for any insight,


    (The dates on the entries are back-dated, all posts for December were created in the last few days while the ones for November were posted at the end of February, which is why it’s so weird that at that specific point in time the change in format seems to have occurred.)

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