Featured image not showing in slider in version 1.8

  • pamelac


    Updated to the new version but cant get Featured image to show in slider. Have deleted the theme and re installed to avail. It worked fine on the same site in version 1.7. Its not a plugin problem as only minimal plugins used.

    Thanks, Pam



    Seeing changelog at Graphene theme project on Google codes, I can say that this issue is fixed in version 1.8.1



    I am having this problem too.



    Where can I download version 1.81?



    I have the same problem, too. Can anybody tell how to resolve this problem???



    Same problem here. Hopefully a fix or a solution arrives in the near future.



    Same problem with the slider and the menu not working … please fix it!


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s an issue in the theme-loop.php file.

    If this is a mission-critical issue for you, you can try editing your copy of theme-loop.php and inserting this code just after line 554:

    if ( $field == 'slider_img' && $graphene_post_meta[$post_id][$field] == 'global' ) $graphene_post_meta[$post_id][$field] = '';

    ONLY do this if you seriously can’t wait for the patch. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or you do and you do it wrong, you can mess things up. I NEVER recommend editing theme files, so I seriously recommend waiting for the patch.



    I got mine to show back up by going into all my posts that appear in the feature slider and pushing update for each post.


    Syahir Hakim


    @ken, better to recommend replacing the entire file rather than modifying/adding certain lines

    To everyone else, re-saving each of the posts/pages that are displayed in the slider will likely fix it.

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