Featured image not displaying in the full post page

  • pg011263


    When I set a featured image for a post – it shows up in the blog feed and the slider – but not the full post page. Have I missed an option somewhere? Thanks much in advance and I do love the theme!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Did you insert it into the post somewhere?



    No – I was hoping that there was a way to have it show in the post when it is set as a featured image. It seems like double work to do both. I have read there are ways to edit the functions.php and single.php to have the featured image show in the post. I know there are other themes where the featured image does show up on the post page as well as the feed. Just wanted to see if I had that option.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, if you don’t insert it somewhere into the post, how does WP know where you want it to show? 😉

    It seems like double work to do both.

    No. When you insert an image, there is an option to set it as the featured image.



    I think you just answered my question – you can insert it into the post and set it as a featured image at the same time. As many hours as I have spent in WordPress – I did not realize I could do both. Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yup–you can insert any number of images and pick whichever one you want to be the featured image. With other themes (at least some other themes) I think the first image is always the featured image.


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