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    First off I want to THANK you so much for creating the Graphene theme… I can’t even say how many themes I went through before finding yours, only to be delighted and able to stop my search.

    Anyway, here is my problem: Slider images. Since my website serves to contain posts with YouTube video embeds, I don’t want the actual images in my posts, but just as “featured images” so that they show up in the slider. My only problem is that I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the alignment of the image in the slider correct or prevent a duplicate of the image from appearing in the slider. An example is the first slide on my website (www.techneektv.com). I would only like one hard drive image to appear on that slide, but instead multiple hard drives appear. I don’t even know how I got the Google Chromebook image in the second slide to position correctly (extremely lucky, I guess). If you can offer any insight into this, I, along with my other posters, would be VERY appreciative. Thanks a lot!


    Oh, and I have two more questions (which you may be able to help with):

    1. I inserted my Google AdSense code into the setting in the Graphene Options tab, but I can’t see any ads (even with AdBlock and my HOSTS file disabled).

    2. This is more WordPress-related than Graphene-related, but do any of you know a way to display my posts as a “Gallery” rather than in a linear, timeline-like fashion? I think a gallery-type method of content discovery would be better for the user than scrolling through pages trying to find a video.

    Once again, THANK YOU for all your help you can provide me with!



    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, if you figure out the exact size of your slider window, you can create an image that fits it and use the “Custom slider image URL” in the “Graphene post-specific options” when you create or edit the post. (You may need to activate this from the “Screen Options” at the top of the page”.)

    Adsense: Did you make sure to tick the box marked “Show Adsense advertising”? It is an easy thing to forget.

    Gallery: You could probably achieve this using a child theme. Search around on this forum for ideas.


    P.S. You should update to latest version of Graphene. It’s much improved over the last version.



    Thanks for the reply Ken.

    Believe it or not, I had the “Graphene Post-Specific options” enabled, but I never thought to change it from Featured Image to Custom URL. I changed it like you said, and presto! The images fit PERFECTLY now! Thanks so much for that!

    Regarding AdSense, I do have the “Show AdSense Advertising” box checked. Just curious, where does Graphene place AdSense ads if that is enabled? Perhaps I am using an incorrect size or just looking in the wrong place.

    For the gallery idea, I’m definitely going to be researching this “child theme” I keep hearing everyone talk about. I never even knew that WordPress had a Child Theme (let alone this much customizability).

    And I am currently using Graphene 1.3.1… I got that from the WordPress website a few days ago. I guess the one there is not the latest. Is there any special way I need to install the newest version without losing anything?

    Thanks so much for your help… it’s greatly appreciated!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Look at my blog to see where Google ads are placed. I don’t have them set to appear on the front page, so you will have to click on a post.


    Syahir Hakim

    And I am currently using Graphene 1.3.1… I got that from the WordPress website a few days ago. I guess the one there is not the latest. Is there any special way I need to install the newest version without losing anything?

    The version from WordPress.org is the latest, stable version. You can always do the auto-update from within your WordPress admin. Provided that you haven’t modified the theme’s files itself in anyway, your customisations should be safe.

    That said, like WordPress, for every major update of the theme there’s a possibility that substantial changes will cause your customised site to not work well aesthetically with the theme. It’s good practice to check out the theme’s changelog before you update the theme.



    Thank you for your help, Kenneth and Syahir. It’s been incredibly helpful and I was able to successfully update to the latest Graphene theme (I backed up the files before updating just in case). Syahir, do you know what could be the problem with my AdSense ads? Even putting the code in a textbox widget won’t show them. Is there a problem with Graphene and AdSense?


    Syahir Hakim


    Err…maybe you have an ad blocker installed? Or try a different ad size.



    Getting back to you on this (since I realized I never followed up on this). It turns out it was a problem on Google’s end, not Graphene. Everything works amazingly now!

    Thanks for all your help!

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