Featured image in "posts" page list with static front page

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    First of, thank you very much for this up to date, easily customizable theme. I congratulate you on your work! This is by no means a suck up to get my question answered faster. 😉

    On my website I have the following, through customize theme, I have set up a static page and a posts page. When I click the posts page (recent articles/recente artikelen) in my menu, I am presented with a list of all my recent posts. However, what is missing is all the featured images.

    I can see them when I search, check a posts category and on the front page where I display the latest 2 posts (also through Graphene settings).

    Looking through the .php files for posts and page I have to admit I am not so skilled as I once was, a few years back there were no themes with child themes support so some of this code is pretty new to me. Could someone please point me in the right direction or provide the code snippet and where to copy paste it?

    Thank you very much.

    **Uhm… somehow this ended up in the Graphene mobile forum :S it is meant for the full site version. Sorry admin, please correct.



    Moved to Graphene Support.



    So.. a few days later in to this issue it seems to have miraculously disappeared

    Not sure, but it may have been related to the fact that I switched from the nextgen gallery images as featured images to the default WordPress featured images from the media gallery. This was done in order to have images for a related post plugin.

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