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    I don’t have the option to add a favicon other than entering a URL. I have downloaded the favicon from different sites and still have one way of downloading them.

    John McCubbin


    up load it to your media and in the URL option put the location of the image i.e. mine is http://localhost:51792/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/favicon.png

    If you cant find the url you go to media find the image and click edit it should have the url link there

    PS the favicon option is in:

    Graphene Theme Options >> Display Options >> Miscellaneous Option >> Favicon Options

    Hope this helps



    Since the new media uploader is not working in your site, you can’t directly upload favicon in Graphene Theme Options >> Display Options >> Miscellaneous Option >> Favicon Options.

    So follow John McCubbin’s suggestion.

    John McCubbin


    if this doesnt work make sure item size is 16×16 and if it still doesnt work put the actuall image in your graphene theme folder and the main directory folder making sure there isnt already a favicon in either

    John McCubbin


    also a helpful site to make your image the right size is http://www.favicon.co.uk/



    It worked by adding it to media and the using that url.


    John McCubbin


    no problem

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