Fantastic theme – but some help please?

  • AussieAub


    Only just getting into web design and this whole WordPress thing!

    Have used the Graphene design for my very first attempt – just love this design!! Thank you.

    A question though: is it possible to put a specified “page” on the first page under the scrolling area, instead of a “post”?

    My web page can be found at

    It will become a “real” site hosted elsewehere once its finished. It’s in a basic design preview kind of format right now, and is no where near finished!

    Many thanks again.






    Wow! That was FAST! Thanks Prasana!!

    By using the static front page, will that then enable me to still use the scroller function though?

    As I say, I’m a first timer and just getting into this…..please be gentle!




    Yes, you can still have slider with static front page.

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