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    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve searched and found one other topic that is the same issue as what I’m going through at the moment but there was not solution since the other user’s issue resolved itself (https://forum.graphene-theme.com/graphene-support/thumbnails-for-facebook#post-3515)…

    I wanted to know if anyone else knows anything about the below issue or is experiencing this…

    after updating my theme and moving over to bluehost (from fatcow), my “post to facebook” isn’t picking up my thumbnails images to post on my facebook business page. Well I should say there are no rhyme or reason when it will pick a thumbnail to associate with my post on FB from my wordpress post. Sometimes it will show me one image I can use and other times there are no images to use at all.

    Before updating and moving over to bluehost I was able to use any images in my wordpress post in my fb post.

    Has anyone experienced this? Or know of a solution to work around this? I’ve searched google and there is nothing out there that is addressing this issue (it’s an issue and it’s random).

    Thanks again!



    fb: http://www.facebook.com/time4deals2011



    I solved it sorta… i used this plugin if anyone else is interested…Facebook Revised Open Graph Meta Tag by: TheCodeP0et

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