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    Just noticed today that my facebook like buttons (below every post) and like box (in the sidebar) have suddenly stopped displaying. I had previously been able to set it up myself and it had been working perfectly well for months. Am seriously at a loss why it has suddenly stopped working.

    I have tried to disable all plugins to see if it was due to a plugin update conflict since i haven’t installed any new plugin. I have also tried to install the Iframe version of the like button with no success.

    It also appears the procedure for installing the XFBML codes have changed from when i did it last. Facebook now generates 3 separate codes i’m required to put in 3 different places (after the opening <body> tag; an XML namespace to the <html>; & where i want the button to appear).

    Any help or suggestions to resolve this will be greatly appreciated.

    my website is http://gbengaadebayo.com.

    Thank you



    I have been able to sort it out myself. Thanks to the action hooks options now available with the graphene theme.



    Dear mr. Mangee,

    How on earth did you get the social media buttons to work underneath your posts on the front page?

    I just don’t know what code to put where… can you help me out please?

    Thank you!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure if he’s been around, but this tutorial might help:


    This has actually been discussed quite a bit in this forum, so take a look around and you may find exactly what you are looking for. If not, please feel free to start a new thread and we’ll get you sorted out.





    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I’ve got it working, but now it won’t show on the front page..



    Hello STV,

    The social sharing buttons on the frontpage are via “Addthis” pluugin. You can download and install it via wordpress.org. Under the plugin settings, select “show on homepage” and all the social sharing options you want will show on your homepage/frontpage as well.

    Hope I have been helpful?

    Best regards



    You’ve been very helpful so far, thank you! Now i’m faced with two other issues though..

    First, the facebookbutton refers to the WordPress facebook site and not to my post. I don’t see where I can change this.

    Second, I have youtubevideo’s as posts on my frontpage and whenever the dropdownbox of the sharebutton opens up, it partially hides the buttons behind the youtubevideo below..

    If you have an answer for this I’m very grateful!

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