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    Hi Everyone sorry im very new to this, i found a small issues (May be my own mistake) but when other people or even myself use the addthis tool and attempt to post on facebook from my WP site a selection of several individual thumbnails are set for posting, but this is not something i desire as most of the time the images set for post is irrelavant to the particular share.

    E.g. addthis sharing to facebook a post about a Product and a photo of another different product appears or even a header or a logo may appear as the thumbnail ready to post.. i know on facebook you can choose the thumbnail to post but our clients or visitors unfortunitly do not understand this.. and posts of links to one product with an irrelavant pictures are frequent, is there a way to fix this? before more and more posts occur?

    Thanks you



    It’s neither a theme issue nor WordPress’s.

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    Thanks Prasanna, do u have a remedy for this?

    As i said im unsure if its a mistake im making or if im doing something wrong..

    Any advice would b greatly appretiated 🙂




    @ Syahir Hakim, and how do you implement it in Graphene?


    Syahir Hakim


    Simply insert the code in your posts or pages. It’s independent of themes, and you don’t actually need to insert the picture, just the code.



    Then you have to post the code on every page/post?



    Just tried it, it doesn’t work on every page/post.


    Syahir Hakim


    Be aware that Facebook caches your pages, so that may be the reason you don’t see the changes. Also, there is a dimension limit on the image that Facebook will use as the thumbnail.

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    The dimension isnt the problem. Some pages it works on and some not. Really strange :/

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