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    Another question – I have a large Facebook button on my site in the widget area that my web designer put on there awhile ago (www.yougotthatforwhat.com) I still want it there but it now says “be the first of your friends to like this.” when it had originally kept a running total of the # of FB fans I had…this happened about a week ago and seemed to have happened when Facebook updated their business page with the new feature under the # of friends that says “__ people are talking about this” but not sure if that’s what caused my widget to lose it’s counter….do you know what I need to change in the code or anything or are there any other FB like buttons that you recommend I use that is very user-friendly for a “somewhat newbie” like me? Thanks!





    Here, you will find a vast amount of facebook resources for your websites. You will need to create an API (it’s basically just setting up an account) which will allow you to pass through your buttons to facebook.

    Afterwards, you can set up all kinds of links and boxes for your viewers.

    Check here:


    Hope this points you in the right direction.



    Hi there!

    I would LOVE to use the exact same Facebook widget/button that you have on your site.

    I like the way it gives you a running total of people who “like” your FB page.

    Could you please tell me how I can get the same widget?



    Oh! I got it!


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