Fab theme! Can I use it for a business site?

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    Thank you for a really good, nice to work with, useful theme!

    I’ve just used it for my friend’s secretarial site — and then I thought ‘Oops… should get permission, first!’ So, is it OK to use for this site: http://www.manchestertranscriptionservices.co.uk

    And if it’s OK to use it, could you tell me how I add a reference to the chap who did the graphic for the header, Quentin Houyoux? I thought at the bottom, near your name. (Still a newbie at all this :))





    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Jane,

    Yes you can. The latest version of the theme ( has an FAQ page that explains these kind of thing, among others. To quote from the latest version:

    Can I modify Graphene to my heart’s content without paying anything?

    The Graphene WordPress theme, along with all the other themes in the WordPress.org Official Free Themes Directory, is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2. The full text of that licence is included with the theme in the licence.txt file in the theme’s folder. Releasing the theme under that licence means, among others, that you are free to modify the theme in any way for any purpose (including commercial) without any obligation to the theme’s author. However, if you decide to redistribute the theme, the licence dictates that you must release the theme under the same licence, GPLv2.

    But of course, the author would always appreciate donations to support ongoing and future developments of the theme.



    That’s fantastic! Thanks, Syahir. I shall get the latest versionimmediately!



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