Extra Text / Picture At the Bottom of Page that has a child-Page?

  • sharpshooterofky


    I’m sorry for that title, I’m not sure how to explain this OR where to start..

    I’m NEW to WP, and I’m trying to clean up a couple of pages on our site.

    There’s some content at the bottom of both pages that have child pages, the child pages are fine, but the “main” page has this “stuff” at the bottom.

    I can NOT see this “extra” text in the editor, if I could I think I could fix it?
    I’d like to fix it OR simply delete because it’s “ugly”.

    I was told to look at the theme documentation or edit the CSS…
    I don’t know where to find either of these….so this is why I’m here asking for help…

    Page 1:

    The content below the big pic of Centri-Kid…?

    Page 2:

    The extra content right below the permalink to the Event Calendar..

    This is probably really simple, but I’m still on this massive learning curve..so
    I apologize in advance.

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