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    I just want to experiment with some of the new features of the forum.

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    Whoa… that’s a BIG gravatar thumbnail. I think I need a better photo… you can see some of my wrinkles!!


    Nullam quis molestie eros. Donec vitae nisl lorem.

    Oh Snap. LOVING the quote feature!!



    These are the admin slideout message templates:

    Please read the forum rules.

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.

    Put code in between backtick (


    ) characters. It’s usually located above the Tab key on your keyboard.

    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.



    New theme, new features.. They are so cool. Aren’t they? icon_wink.gif



    Yeah, I love it. These gravatars are freakin’ huge!! But that’s the only thing. These user/moderator features are amazing. And I LOVE the sliding admin panel overlay. Very user-friendly indeed. (and fast… that thing really “shoots” out of the side doesn’t it??)



    Yeah, I was thinking the same about Gravatars 2 days back when Syahir Changed the theme. But it is adjusted to my brain now. icon_biggrin.gif

    Earlier Admin panel was overlaying posts. But I was amazed to see how quickly Syahir has added an option to pull it and hide back! Incredible developer!

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