Exiting my dashboard and switching to desktop view

  • hilmil


    Hi Syahir,

    I’m loving NEO and thanks for all your previous assistance.

    I needed to login to my Dashboard via my iphone and did so while NEO was active. I know this sounds silly, but I can’t log out as there’s no menu item to do so.

    I tried switching to the desktop Graphene, via the switch link at the bottom of the screen, but nothing happens.

    Thanks for your help!



    Syahir Hakim


    Yeah, WordPress admin’s not so great on mobile. But your browser should have a “show desktop view”, right? You can use that to show the normal desktop view.



    Hi Syahir,

    Yes, my mobile browser does have a “show desktop” view, but it’s not

    working. I’m stuck in NEO as well as in my mobile dashboard.

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