Excluding some previoulsy uploaded headers from showing random on pages

  • Lieven79



    I would like to know how I can delete previously used headers.

    I want to show a random header on each page of my site but some of my previously used headers are not suitable because it were mainly tests to see how an image would look as a header.

    How can I delete those so that only the suitable ones remain?

    Thanks a lot already for your anwer to my question!





    You can use FTP or your hosts control panel to navigate to the directory where the images are stored and delete them from there.

    Do you need assistance finding the directory?

    EDIT: Syahir’s solution below is much more user-friendly.


    Syahir Hakim


    The uploaded header images should be in the media library (WP Admin > Media > Library) so you should be able to delete them from there.



    Thanks a lot, Josh and Syahir!

    You solved my problem.


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