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    How do I exclude post titles from my slider images?




    Add this to your child theme stylesheet or your custom css box in the admin panel:

    .full-sized .slider_post h2 a, .full-sized .slider_post h2 a:visited {
    display: none;




    which code i have to add in my css to see only the titel in the slider without summary or text of the post? I would like to see only the slider picture and in the bottom the titel.




    @ thymallus

    .full-sized .slider_post_entry p {
    display: none;







    Hi Josh, I tried both codes but my titles and summaries still show up in the slider. Any tips on what I’m doing wrong? http://salanden.com/



    You would need to use this code:

    .slider_post_entry p {
    display: none;



    Hi Khairul,

    How do I make the image fit the entire slider box? Thanks for your help, I just want the cartoon image to be the only thing in the slider, but not as a thumbnail, any way I can do that?




    Your slider dimensions are currently 640px wide by 350px tall.

    So, for each page/post you are displaying in the slider, you want to create a custom image with the above specifications.

    Then, on each post/page you are using in the slider… scroll down below the editor and you should see a spot where you can use a custom image for the slider.

    You will need to upload the custom image, and enter the link in the URL box. Also, make sure to tick the “use custom image” in the option box where you enter the url.

    Let us know if you get stuck along the way.

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