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    I am wondering if there is a way to exclude the posts from one category from just the “blog” or “posts” page.

    My goal is to set up my site so that the home page panes display the 2 latest posts from the category “homepage,” and the posts page (news) displays posts from all other categories, excluding those from the category “homepage”.

    That way the “homepage” category of posts will only show up in the home page panes.

    I get how to set up the portion that will get the 2 latest posts from the category “homepage” and display them in the homepage panes section but, I am not sure how to stop the “homepage” posts from also showing up on the blog page.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



    news page:




    To exclude categories from posts page, go to Graphene Options => Front Page options => Front page posts categories and select everything except homepage category.

    To exclude all categories except homepage category in homepage panes, go to Graphene Options => Homepage Panes => Type of content to show and select Latest posts by category. Then select homepage category in Category to show latest posts from.

    Or you can wait for my plugin.. 🙂



    I am interested in this functionality – to DISABLE categories – rather than having to check all that are enabled …. below is how the difference would work well for me.

    fyi – i’m not using static frontpage.

    I want all my posts EXCEPT those labeled “Pictures” to show in my frontpage. As Prasanna states above, I can select all categories except those labeled “Pictures” for this to work, but it really only works when those pictures are ONLY labeled “Pictures”. I have posts I want labeled “Pictures AS WELL AS “Gear”, “Fun”, “Lifestyle” etc. that will pop up in those categories, but I still don’t want them on the frontpage. Once I put any of those other labels in, they go on the front page – because the setting is “inclusive” to all of those other categories.

    Even better – it’d be great to have this inclusive and exclusive option for categories OR tags.

    Let me know what you think or if what I’m saying is confusing, thanks!



    Make a new category called “front page” or something similar… then, select ONLY the “front page” category to display on the front page.

    Now, whichever posts you want to display on the front page… add it to the “front page” category.



    Josh – I totally agree … this works well. And also kind of embarrassed I didn’t think of it before since I do the same thing for my slider.

    One of the reasons I was shying away from going nuts on more administrative categories is they’re all visible with each post and readers don’t care about admin categories that are there just to make the website look right. My suggestion to include tags as criteria would solve this (for me anyways) as I’d have Categories be content-based (visible) and Tags be used for administrative stuff like this and my own references to be hidden so it all works in the background.

    (eventhough I still need to use a category “NoFeed” which discludes items from my RSS feed fed to feedburner – I don’t think tags can be used for that)



    Ok, i’ve decided to use tags as well as categories. I have moved all my topical stuff to tags and kept admin stuff in categories and adjusted my menus. BUT NOW my TAG archives are only showing ONE post – not all those listed under that tag while my CATEGORY archives show all of them … examples below

    TAG – http://blog.thinkplanrun.com/tag/racing/

    CATEGORY – http://blog.thinkplanrun.com/category/featured/

    I’ve gone through dozens of settings and don’t know where to go next – what the? shouldn’t tag archives show everything in that tag? some of my latest are “images”, does that matter?



    Replace the tag.php file within the graphene directory with the updated one here:




    Just saw the fix thread elsewhere…. unreal how responsive you guys are…thanks!

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