Exclude Google Analytics for logged in admin – editor – writer

  • TobiF



    It would be great to have a setting for logged-in users, where the Google Analytics code snippet would NOT be included in the page.

    This way, I could nicely ensure that my own frequent visits to my site don’t affect the statistics.

    It would take one more setting:

    Don’t output the Google Analytics code snippet for this role and higher:

    Dropdown: Send Analytics code for everyone – Admin – Editor – Author – Contributor

    Then, depending on the setting, during output, the Google Analytics code snippet will be sent after testing:


    activate_plugins (admin)

    moderate_comments (editor)

    publish_posts (author)

    edit_posts (contributor)

    Next to the setting, a small warning might be needed:

    Filtering is based on the following WordPress capabilities:

    (since the set of capabilities of a role may be customized on some sites…)

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