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    Hi all

    I’m wanting to only show the excerpts on the news/posts page instead of the whole article. This is the page: http://theskillsjunction.co.uk/news/

    Being honest, I’ve seen a solution which involves editing the loop.php file – however I’m concerned that (even if I can get my head around it) once I update the theme it’ll take that out as loop.php isn’t in my child theme.

    The solution I saw was over two years old too so is there anything I can do/add now which is easier?

    Help appreciated, as always.





    To to Graphene Options –> Display –> Excerpt Display Options and select Show excerpts in front page

    To show excerpt on archives,

    Graphene Options –> Display –> Excerpt Display Options and uncheck Show full content in archive pages



    Thanks Prasanna, however this has led me to another question… archives…?

    How do I set that up? Do I have to create another page?





    No, they are automatically created, like tag archives, category archives, yearly and monthly archives etc., Here is an example of yearly archive (2012) – http://theskillsjunction.co.uk/2012/



    So if I wanted to create a page as a child page to ‘News’ that was specifically for holding an archive, how would I go about that?




    Got it sorted with a plugin called Archive. Seems to do what I’m asking.

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