Excerpts in front page and full display in post page?

  • IvanPsy



    Thank you for your theme: simple and professional at the same time.

    How can I show only the excerpts in front page and full posts in post pages?

    If I check ‘Show excerpts in front page’ in the menu, it shows excerpts in front page and…excerpts in post pages!

    If I uncheck it, it shows full post in front page and in post pages!




    Syahir Hakim


    Darn…I totally missed that…open up the theme’s loop.php file and navigate to line 65:

    Replace this code:

    <?php if (!is_search() && !is_archive() && !get_option('graphene_posts_show_excerpt')) : ?>

    with this:

    <?php if (!is_search() && !is_archive() && (!get_option('graphene_posts_show_excerpt') || is_single() || is_page())) : ?>



    Darn…it works!!!

    Great!!! TNX!!!

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