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    I have it set up to show pages as categories for the slider.

    I want to be able to tightly control what shows up on the slider in terms of the excerpt. I installed the plugin “excerpt editor”> Can this be used with Graphene? I’m using it with another theme with success.

    In the Graphene Options panel I’ve got it set to “Featured Image” for the slider and “Thumbnail & Excerpt”

    So…how can I control what text shows up as the “Excerpt”? Can I use the Expert Editor plug in for this?




    Also what if I have a featured image, but want something different for the thumbnail.

    I want to be able to set the thumbnail image, and, dictate which text gets used for the excerpt / what shows up on the slider. In other words I don’t really want it to pull from the actual page, I want to create it. Like with something such as excerpt editor?

    What are my options?

    Thanks in advance.



    Anyone? I really need to get this solved, the home page looks all goofed up.

    How do I control the sliders to have the exact text and particular thumbnail which is not the featured image from the page itself? I’m using pages (as categories) not posts for the home page slider.

    Thanks in advance…




    I’m not an expert, but i’ll try to help you out, ok?

    If you check my website: http://cineramabc.com.br you may see that i use excerpts from pages at the slider. I use the following plugins to do so:

    PJW Page Excerpt (to allow excerpts at pages);

    TinyMCE Excerpt (to use rich text at excerpts, so i may set them to “justify”).

    My Slider is set to show thumbnail+excerpt. If you can’t manage to edit your pages’ excerpt after installing these plugins, check if the excerpt window is supposed to show up at Screen Options.

    To use a specific image, not the feature image, at Graphene Options, Slider tab, you may select Custom URL and at your page you have the option to include the Custom URL (even without setting Globally). Right below is the field to include the custom url.

    Would be helpful if you posted the URL of your site, as per rule.



    Thank you so much, I will try that now!

    I’m using the Excerpt Editor but I missed the step of the custom url…I’ll try that and try it with the plugins you are using.

    Sorry, forgot to post the link to the site, it’s





    Perfect! I ended up deactivsting the Tiny MCE Excerpt because it seemed like it was conflicting with something and I don’t care about justifying it. It installed above the excerpt panel in the pages panel, was odd. Then the excerpt window just looked normal. So I’m just using the normal excerpt window. I guess if I decide I want more customization of the way it looks I’ll have to backtrack and figure out why it’s behaving oddly.

    So with PJW Page Exceprt and custom images set per page, and the page assigned to the category I have set for the slider it’s exactly as I want it now. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain the steps, I really appreciate it!


    Kenneth John Odle



    On a side note, if you add your address to your profile, we can just click on your name to find your site, which might lead to faster support.




    Oh yes thanks, done!

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