Excerpt thumb nail showing in single post.

  • bjeffries


    How do I get the excerpt thumb to not show in single post. I modified the loop a little to get the thumbnails on the left, but now my thumbnails shows up in the post.

    Here is the code to display the thumbnail:

    <?php if (!(is_single() || is_page())) : ?>
    <?php /* The post thumbnail */
    if (has_post_thumbnail(get_the_ID())) {
    echo '<div class="feature_story_thumb"><div class="excerpt-thumb">';
    the_post_thumbnail(apply_filters('graphene_excerpt_thumbnail_size', 'thumbnail'));
    echo '</div></div>';
    } else {
    echo graphene_get_post_image(get_the_ID(), apply_filters('graphene_excerpt_thumbnail_size', 'thumbnail'), 'excerpt');
    <?php endif; ?>

    And all that code is within a bunch of code thats within another set of:

    <?php if (!(is_single() || is_page())) : ?>
    ...bunch of code including the excerpt...
    <?php endif; ?>

    (also, I am not the best when it comes to php, this was just a shot in the dark)

    Any suggestions?





    Anyway to get the thumbnail out of the post?

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