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    hey guys, I’ve recently started up my own site featuring all kinds of pop digital culture ranging from video games, tv,movies to sports and software. I’m pretty happy with my layout in particular because of the amazing Graphene them but I would love some external input. So with that said please check out my site and tell me what I could do better. Thank you so much in advance!




    Hey dablue,

    I love the sharing icons up top. The header is also nice, as it’s dark enough to not draw crazy attention, but still noticeable to see there’s a lot going on. Very cool!!

    I’m not particularly fond of the red widget box color… but you know what they say about opinions 🙂

    Looks great!! Very nice work.

    (So is the new Uncharted gonna be everything it’s hyped to be??)


    Syahir Hakim


    Good job on the site! The sidebar widgets can probably do better without the border and shadow though, which are meant to be displayed on top of a light background. Try this:

    #sidebar1 div.sidebar-wrap {
    border: none;
    box-shadow: none;

    Ooh…I see Niko Bellic…

    Oh, and if you can modify the calendar background image to be red as well, that would blend it in perfectly with the rest of the colours.



    thanks for the opinion Josh, I’ll try out some different color scheme’s and see what else is appealing. And as far as Uncharted, the game looks great, the story’s always fantastic and while I’m not a huge fan of the game mechanics- I know plenty of people that love do- I can’t imagine the title disappointing.

    awesome advice Syahir, I’m at school now but I’ll definitely try out that code.

    thanks for your opinions and advice! 🙂 every bit helps.



    Syahir I’m not quite sure where to put that code, like what php file to paste it in. I’m newbie with php, but thanks.



    Just copy and paste it into your customCSS menu in your admin under graphene options -> “display” tab.



    thanks for all the help Josh



    Great site. Looks very unique…

    I noticed that you have a banner on the bottom left hand side. How did you get the widget to centre the ad?

    All my ad’s are positioned on the left hand side?

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