Events website, highly coded.. is it even graphene? I hear you ask…

  • Skivey


    You may remember a few years back I created a website for my milkshake bar. It was featured in the FAQs of Graphene to showcase the possibilities of graphene.

    After the update to v2 the website completely broke and I sort of gave up… well, I decided to have another go and WOW.. v2 is so much more robust!

    So I was given a piece of paper with a website design and I was asked “Can you do this?” My reply was of course I could! So I used a different theme. It was so hard to do, and the developer ended up unsupporting the theme, so I decided to come back to graphene and give it another shot. Im glad I did.

    The website is still in development, so In the coming days the website will be permanantly at but temporarily it is at

    The website took me 4 solid days to build and consists of around 600 extra lines of CSS. 3 or 4 extra widget areas and a ton of plugins. If anyone would like any advice or ideas on how I did something then just ask and id be happy to oblige

    I would be extremely greatful of feedback from anyone. Im hoping its going to be positive!




    Website is now live! 🙂

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