Error with Modern Tribe Calendar Integration

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    Hi there! I’ve been trying to solve this, but I’m not much with php so I thought I’d reach out. We are using the calendar from Modern Tribe (The Events Calendar) and we are unable to select a single column template as it causes an error. I’ve tested on many other themes and it works, so it seems to be a conflict within Graphene I think?

    This is the error message I receive when I try to select any of the pre-built templates in the Calendar options.

    ERROR: You must supply the post ID to get the image from as an argument when calling the graphene_get_post_image() function.

    I’m not sure what to do with this, but I would really like to solve it so I can have a wider calendar on the site and still use the two side bars on the rest.

    Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks again




    OK, I was actually able to solve that issue by updating the theme. I didn’t realize I was a few releases behind.

    BUT, we’re still running into an issue. The Calendar let’s you specify what page template you want assigned to the calendar, and no matter what we select, it always defaults to the default settings that the theme is using. My other themes work with the calendar, but this one seems to be stuck. It’s really hard to view a month view calendar in a 3 column layout 🙂

    Any ideas as to how we might be able to fix that?

    Thanks so much!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Link to calendar plugin in question?

    Link to site in question?



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