Error when hiding a Hyperlink in HTML-tags

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    On my website I tried to hide an hyperlink with HTML-Tags. If I do this, an error will occure: The widget box of the sidebar will move into the article where the hided text would be when it was displayed.

    For example this code would manupulate the webpage:

    <a href=""></a>

    A code without Hyperlink like this has no effect on the rest of the page:


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support.

    I’m not quite sure what you want to do here. You really shouldn’t be editing the theme’s core files, if that is what you are doing.



    No, I just wanted to say the developers that this error occurs, when I write this code in the HTML-Editor of simple Pages and Articles.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you are trying to accomplish here. You mean that you are using the HTML editor, and you are including a link, but then commenting it out? In that case, why are you including the link? Why not just leave it out?



    This is not a Graphene error, it is how WordPress works. I think it has to do with how WordPress “auto formats” HTML.

    I have a plugin that cancels out WordPress forcing these auto formats… However if your site is well developed it would not be a wise move to install that plugin… you would have to update every page.

    I did however find this on the WordPress support forums:

    The last comment seems to work:

    It's a pain to have to do this, but enclosing your comment
    within the code tag seems to work. It may not validate,
    or be technically correct, but it works:

    <code><!-- commented out text here --></code>

    So for your example this should work:

    <a href=""><!-- --></a>

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