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  • Liz Richardson


    Please help.

    I am completely new to WP – but have some knowledge of HTML.

    I have set up this site:

    I have obviously got something wrong somewhere in the settings because when you click on the “view full post’ on the home page you get a message with “Error 404 – Page Not Found”, but the post is there if you go to the ‘more info’ tab at the top.

    I have searched and searched for a fix – but rather out of my depth.

    I’m sorry if this has been asked before – but I could not find an exact answer on the forum.

    Thank you.



    Same post is published in multiple times. That might be a plugin conflict or permalink issue.

    1. Temporarily deactivate all plugins and try again.

    2. Go to WP-Admin –> Settings –> Permalinks and select post name permalink structure. And save.

    Liz Richardson


    Thank you ever so much – that worked – sorry if I needed it spelt out so simply!

    Have a good day!

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