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    Hi All, My site updated recently and lost a style sheet, got a back up in place and then suddenly this was showing at the bottom: Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). how can I remove this as I have a custom copyright enabled in Graphene but it is not showing?

    Site is here: http://www.truenorthconsulting.eu/




    Have you edited footer.php? Try replacing your footer.php with this one – http://graphene.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/graphene/footer.php



    Thanks, where is this footer located, I have found a few but none look like that?



    Ok, I have found where it should go from another site I have done, but there is no footer.php in there, if I create one with the code you’ve given will this affect the rest of my site in any way? Thanks 🙂



    Not to worry, that sorted it, thanks 🙂

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