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    Hi Folks

    I know that this is nothing to do with the theme but does anyone know of a plugin that actually works whereby a visitor to the site can enter their name and email address in order to be able to download a file without having to be registered/subscribed to the site. I would also prefer to have some additional security such as CAPTCHA included in it.

    I’ve tried Email Before Download but for reason it breaks PDF files.

    Hope someone can help….

    Many thanks



    Kenneth John Odle


    What do you mean it “breaks” PDF files? How large are the files?

    Have you looked at SS Downloads? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ss-downloads/



    Hi Kenneth

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    When I say “break”, for some reason Adobe Reader cannot open the associated PDF file, yet if I try to open it independently it works just fine so what is causing it not to open I do not know.

    I’ll take a look further at your solution, it does appear at first glance that it only requires an email address to be entered and I really wanted the visitor to have to add their name as well as email address to be able to download the linked file.

    I’ll leave this post open if that is ok until I’ve got more of a definitive answer and will keep you posted.

    Thanks again.


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