Empty Categories = Missing Header Image

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    For some reason it doesn’t display my header image on categories which are empty. Same goes for searches without result.


    Category: https://www.anonyrev.com/category/economics-politics/

    Search: https://www.anonyrev.com/?s=result&lang=en

    Does anyone know how to fix this to have my header image displayed at all times?



    I could find a solution to the issue by myself.

    At first I disabled all plugins to see if this was caused by one of them and the issue was still there. Then I checked the original Graphene theme and still the same result so I checked it on another theme (Twenty Ten) and the issue didn’t occur there, so I knew it was a theme related issue. I did a quick google search for Graphene including the problem I had and stumbled across a topic with the solution of the theme author.


    The global variable “$post” wasn’t set.

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